Create Items for Purchase

Items are things such as products, tickets, games of chance, and gift certificates. Items can be purchased, voted on, or provided as the result of a donation. Watch a video

Create your items for purchase

  1.  From the Admin Navigation, click Items for Purchase.
  2. Choose Manage Instant Items, Manage Raffle Items or Manage Vote Items.
  3. Click Create New Item.
  4. Complete the item form.
  5. When you've finished, click Save.

Enter item details

Item number: Use numbers ranging from 1 to 9999. Items appear in numeric order to visitors. Items without a number are hidden from users until a number is assigned.

Tip: Use a hundred groups to keep items within a category together. 

Name: Add an abbreviated Item name. Max of 30 characters.

Description: Provide details as well as restrictions, dates, inclusions, and exclusions. Create an emphasis on key points. Max of 4000 characters.

Note: Item Sheets accommodate a total of 15 lines of copy. We recommend no more than 900 characters when using the Item Sheets.

Categories: Assists in searching for items within a particular area of interest. One or more categories can be added to a single item. Max of 200 characters.

Age Restriction: This field requires a user to enter a date of birth before bidding or buying this item.  Choose between: No Restriction, 18+ or 21+.  This is highly encouraged for the sale of age restricted items such as tobacco, firearms or alcohol.  

Procurement state: Select between In Hand or Pledged to track if the item is received or needs to be obtained.

Status: Set status to Open or Closed. Purchasing can't begin or end on closed items.  

Visibility: Hidden limits view to admins only. Preview allows users to view, but not make a bid or purchase. Live allows users to view, bid, or purchase an item.  This setting will override the Items Page View in Auction Settings for this item. 

Include on an order form: Instant and raffle items can be sold in an order form. Assigned main images can appear in the order form. Purchasers are required to pay with a credit card at the point of sale. 

Note: Visit Sell Items from the Order Form and Customize the Order Form for more information.

Enter donor and solicitor information

Donors: Track and recognize individuals or companies who donate items. Send an email that the donation was received.

Solicitors: Track who solicited this item by linking it to an existing user or company. Solicitors can be considered the contact responsible for reaching out to the donor OR the main point of contact associated with the donor for future acquisition. 

Note: Mobile numbers are unique identifiers. The same phone number cannot be used for both an individual and a company. If the phone number is duplicated, the item will not save.

Enter pricing, cost, and value information

Instant items 

Set the quantity, fair market value (FMV), price, acquisition cost, surcharge percentage, and add item certificate notes. 


Raffle Items

Each raffle ticket is assigned a unique number beginning with the set starting number. Set the quantity, price per ticket or add multi-raffle discount levels, and surcharge percentage. 

Note: The 'Raffle' label can be modified.  To learn more visit Change Raffle Labels.


Vote Items

Set the price, surcharge percentage, and add item certificate notes.  


Checkout Type: For all Item Types listed above, choose between Add to Card or Immediate Checkout.  When Add to Cart is selected, purchaser adds the item to their cart and are prompted to either continue browsing or pay.  When Immediate Checkout is applied, payment will be collected before item is added to the cart.

Include images and a video

Include main and additional images as well as a YouTube video. Visit Upload Multiple Item Images to learn about uploading item images through a zip file or drag and drop.

Tip: If taking the picture with an iPad, make sure it's horizontal with the button to the right. Avoid vertical images, as they scale to fit the area. Preferred image size of 1088 X 816 pixels.

Include additional information

Capture information from the purchasers by adding a custom question to Instant and raffle items. Questions also appear in the order form.

  1. Select Add Question.
  2. Create the question.
  3. Leave the answer field blank for open-ended questions. For pre-defined, separate with a semicolon.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Choose to Show and Require.
  6. Click Save.
Note: Answers are shown and editable from the items management table or checkout, and appear in the Revenue Report.  
Tip: If a question is deleted, answers are also deleted. To stop showing the question moving forward and maintain existing answers, uncheck the 'Show' box.