Ask Questions to Attendees

Include questions purchasers and or attendees can answer at the time of purchase or confirmation. Meal choice, seating preference, dietary restrictions, and more can be captured. Visit Ticketing Reports to learn more about where to review or download the answers.

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Create Custom Ticket Questions

There is no limit to the number of questions that can be created. However, we recommend no more than two per ticket.

  1. Select Add a Question.
  2. Enter the custom question.
    • Open-ended or pre-defined responses.
      • Open-Ended: leave the Answer blank.
      • Multiple Choice: Separate answers with a semicolon.
        • Example Question: Would you like to purchase a shirt?
        • Example Answer: Large; Medium; Small.
  3. Select Question Visibility.
    • Show for all ticket types or specific.

Manage Custom Ticket Questions

Created questions are listed in the order of creation.


Click the blue Edit the right of the question to edit.


Check the first box to the right of the question to show it in the Order Form. When Show is unchecked, the question is not visible at the time of purchase or confirmation.

Note: To ensure answers are not deleted, questions cannot be deleted. To remove visibility in the order form, uncheck the Show box.


Check the far box to the right of the question to require an answer to the question.

Note: When an attendee's name is entered in the order, the purchaser is required to answer for the attendee. Attendees can adjust answers when they confirm or from My Info once they are registered.

Delete Custom Ticket Questions

  1. Locate the custom ticket question. 
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Confirm the deletion of this custom ticket question by selecting Yes, Delete

Note: Any attendee responses to this question will be deleted once the custom ticket question is deleted.  Verify on the Attendee Report that no responses to this question have been submitted prior to deletion.  

Ensuring Ticket Question Responses are Received

Ticketed guests may need additional guidance to ensure that all ticket question responses are received.  If you have many outstanding responses, we recommend sending the email information listed below to guests no later than 1 week prior to submission date.  

Instructions for confirming your Ticket: 

Step 1: Visit ##MYINFO## (insert My Info campaign link)

Step 2: Click on Edit

Step 3: Please make your selections and answer our ticket question(s)

Step 4: Click Save

Step 5: You are all set! 

Please note, you can expedite check-in by finalizing your registration from this same page.  Click on "Add Card on File" to pre-register your credit card to your account.