2022 Winter Releases


Optional Transaction Fees 

  • When transaction fees are set to Optional for Purchasers, the checkbox for opting to pay the fees will default to checked.

National Org Reporting

  • Additional columns have been added to the existing National Organization report, Site ID & Unpaid Revenue. 

Additional Columns on DonorCRM Export

  • The DonorCRM export will now include, Campaign ID, FMV and Tax Deductible Amount.  

When Clicking Save the Previous Page will Load 

  • This provides a better user experience when clicking save on the User Details or Ticket Settings pages, you will be taken to the previous page as opposed to the Dashboard. 

Percentage Sign on Item Surcharge Field

  • A percentage sign has been added for additional clarity on the the Item Surcharge Field.   

Bug Fixes

+Purchase Ticket for Attendee Button on iPads

  • The +Purchase Ticket for Attendee button will now work on iPads operating on iOS 12 and newer. 

Show More Button on Check-In Page

  • The Show More button on the check-in page will only display when there are additional results not shown.

Space in First or Last Name

  • When using our single sign in, you will no longer experience an issue if there is a space in your first or last name.

Purchaser Detail Report Duplicate Charges 

  • When multiple users are checked out together, they will no longer be reflected twice in the Purchaser Detail Report. 

Org Hub Lbar on Mobile Device

  • The Org Hub Lbar admin navigation is now accessible on all mobile devices. 

Event End Date Restrictions 

  • When creating a new event site in the Org Hub, it will prevent you from entering an event end date that prior to the start date. 

Ticketing Containing a / 

  • Tickets containing a " / " will now be able to be saved.