Manage Saved Credit Card Information

Add card information that is saved to your GiveSmart account to expedite future fundraising contributions and check-in/check-out processes. Save multiple cards, allowing you to choose between methods of payment.

Note: A campaign admin needs to assist to divide payment between multiple cards.

Save card information

Secure tokenized card information is saved for use in future one-time or recurring payments.

  1. Visit the campaign and sign in with your Username/Password.
  2. Click My Info.
  3. Select Add Card on File.
  4. Enter card information.
  5. Select Add Card.


Remove card information

If a card is required on file to bid, purchase, or donate, and you have activity tied to your account, one card must remain on file. 

  1. Click My Info.
  2. Locate the card to remove.
  3. Select Remove.


Save My Card Information

In order to comply with Credit card industry standards, GiveSmart must properly inform a cardholder of how their stored credentials will be used for future one-time and recurring payments.  Card information is stored in a tokenized format, which is only readable by our card processing partner, CardConnect. There is no actual card data stored in the GiveSmart Platform.  


The supporter will be presented with the Save My card Information Checkbox when:

  • placing a donation via the Donate Now section on the home page
  • placing a donation via a Champion Fundraising page
  • placing an order on an order form
  • when manually adding a card on file via the My Info page or during self-checkout
  • when attempting to place a bid on an item when the credit card is set to required

Note: The Save My Card Information checkbox is independent of the card requirement settings.  Turning off the credit card requirement for bidding activity, does not impact the Save My Card Information checkbox.

If the checkbox is not selected, the payment will still be processed, but the card will not be retained in a tokenized version on the account.