Assign a Table or Golf Group

NOTE: Only available with GiveSmart Ticketing.

Assign individuals or parties to created table or foursome groups. Select one of the custom questions and answers to display on the attendee's profile while making their group assignment. Assigned groups appear in both the Registered User and Attendee Reports.

Tip: This tool is not set up for multiple people trying to do seating simultaneously. The changes of multiple admins would interfere with each other.


Assign Individual Attendees

  1. Locate an individual guest, within a party, from the Attendees list.
  2. Select the guest.
  3. Drag and drop them into the desired Group.
Tip: Hold the shift key to select two or more attendees to drag and drop into the same group.

Assigning a Party

  1. Locate a party within the Attendees list.
  2. Select the Party.
  3. Drag and drop the Party into the desired Group.

Select a Question and Answer To Appear

  1. Click Select a Question to Display in the top right corner.
  2. Select the question.
  3. The responses will appear under the attendees' names.


Remove or Relocate Individual or Multiple Attendees or Party

  1. Locate the Attendee or Party.
  2. Hold shift.
  3. Select all the attendees.
  4. Drag to different a Group or move back to Attendees.

Un-Assign an Attendee from a Group

Either select the "x" within a Group, or drag and drop the attendee from the Group back to the Attendees list.