Display FAQs

Why are my ads not appearing on the display screen?

Often this issue is due to the spam filter on the web browser.  Look in the top right corner of the browser, check to see if a spam filter has been applied to the webpage.  (Please see the image below).  If you click on this, then allow these to be shown, you should then be able to start seeing your ad's on your displays.  

Why are my images pixelated and not displaying properly?

If your uploaded background or left/right sidebar images have a low resolution, then it will not display properly and will appear pixelated.  

Recommended file sizes - max file size 1MB per image

  • Right/Left Main: 1120p x 900p
  • Right/Left Sidebar: 480p x 900p
  • Background: 1920p x 1080p

If the image does not fit these criteria, use image manipulation software (i.e. Pixlr, GIMP, Paint.net, etc) to achieve the desired resolution prior to upload.  

How can I make my display be full screen?

To remove the browser information and have the display cover the entire screen, try clicking F11 on your keyboard.

Can I delete a created display that I am not using?

Once a display is created, it cannot be deleted, but you can rename it as DO NOT USE that way it does not get used in error.