Submit a Product Suggestion

Product Suggestion Policy

Here at GiveSmart we love to hear how our platform can better suit your fundraising needs.  If you find yourself wishing we had a certain feature, or have a suggestion on how a current feature could be improved, we want to hear it!  

However it is important to note, that not all suggestions may make it into the GiveSmart platform or may take many months after being submitted to come to fruition.  Please review our Product Suggestion Policy to see how we handle the suggestions that are provided. 

Submit a suggestion

Suggestions can be submitted from any GiveSmart module (Events, Fundraise or Donor CRM).  Simply select: 

     the resources button in GiveSmart Events or Donor CRM     

 or the question mark on GiveSmart Fundraise

  • Once the above button has been clicked, choose Submit Product Suggestion
  • Complete the fields

NOTE: As you begin to type your suggestion, existing suggestions may populate that you can choose from.  By clicking the 'I want this' button under the existing suggestion, you will be added as a vote for that  request.  

  • Select the module this suggestion applies to.  Choose from:  
    • GiveSmart Events
    • GiveSmart Fundraise
    • GiveSmart Donor CRM
    • TIP: Not sure which GiveSmart module you are in?  Simply navigate to the dashboard of any module and look in the top, left corner to see the name of the module. 

  • Select Submit Request if submitting a new request

Review status of submitted requests

To view the status of your submitted request, select Open in Portal within the product suggestion submission box.    

The default landing page will open a larger view of the Product Suggestion form.  

View & Prioritize Submitted Requests

Select Dashboard from the left navigation. 

Here you will see an itemized view of your current suggestions.  To adjust the priority of a suggestion, simply move the slider under the Priority column. 

NOTE: As you adjust the priority of a suggestion, it will adjust the priority of your other suggestions, as the system only allows you to have 1 top priority suggestion. 

Search for Other Suggestions

With this new product suggestion feature, you have the ability to search all suggestions made by other GiveSmart customers, just like yourself!  

From within the Feedback Portal, enter a keyword in the search bar in the top right, then press enter to search all suggestions. 

Here you can view existing suggestions and their current status, as well as add your vote in support of a new feature.  

Add a Vote to a Product Suggestion

Now that you can view suggestions made by any GiveSmart customer, you have the ability to add your vote to a particular feature.  Simply select the Thumbs Up icon under the Vote column to be counted as a vote for this feature, letting us know that a feature is important to multiple customers. 

To view additional details about a suggestion, click on the Title of the suggestion to open additional details. 

NOTE: By adding your vote to a suggestion, you will receive an email when this suggestion becomes available in production.