Showcase a Fundraising Goal

Let visitors know your fundraising goal and how much you've raised so far. The progress image will fill in equal to the percentage of funds raised towards your goal. A progress image and goal must be provided in order to appear. The amount shown includes revenue from orders paid and not paid for and any current winning bid amounts. 

Set the display

The display defaults to include donations, which includes all monetary donations made on a campaign, including donations received on champion pages. Choose additional revenue sources to include on the display.

Note: The goal amount and progress image update upon refresh, and not in real-time. 

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Pages > Home Page
  2. Select Fundraising Goal
  3. Toggle the Show or Hide section on the Home page. 
  4. Select the Fundraising Goal section.
  5. Include a Progress Image.
    • We recommend an image size of 360(h) x 240(w) pixels; smaller than 1 MB.
  6. Set the Revenue Goal.
    • The amount set here will set the fill rate of the image.
  7. When you've finished, click Save.
Note: The total raised reflected is subject to change if any returns or refunds occur in the campaign.