Volunteer Roles

GiveSmart provides two limited administrative roles, campaign assistant, and volunteers. These roles allow access to areas such as managing the items, check-in in, assist with bidding, and checkout.

Visit User Role Permissions to learn more about the permissions your volunteers will have on a campaign assigned.

Set volunteer permissions

Visit Add an Admin to set your campaign assistants and Volunteers with the proper admin permissions on the campaign they will be assisting.

Campaign assistants

This role is given to individuals an organization wishes to provide limited access to a campaign for the purposes of adding, modifying, or managing items. Campaign assistants also have access to the reports specific to items (Donated By, Inventory, and Watched Items).

Campaign assistants training opportunities


Dedicated volunteers serve as an extension of the organization to enhance the guest's experience by assisting with registration, bidding and purchasing needs, and securing payments at checkout.

Tip: Do not set them up as Volunteer admins too early as they will be able to perform limited administrative tasks on the campaign once they have Volunteer permission. Once their volunteer responsibilities are complete, adjust their user role back to User.

Volunteer training opportunities