Campaign Item Stats Report

Note: Available to Org Admins only. 

View items from all events within your organization.  This can be used to align item or ticket naming conventions, pricing, # of attendees per ticket type, identify duplicate items and more. 


  1. Go to Org Hub > Reports
  2. Select Campaign Item Stats


  • To generate a report, select which item types to include
  • Choose a Beginning and End Date which will filter the report based on the Event Start Date
  • Click Export


What does it mean when the price of the item is listed as 'MULTIPLE'?

  • This will only appear on raffle or donation items when certain settings are applied:
    • Raffle: when a multi-raffle discount has been applied
    • Donate: when the price type is set to 'Donation Levels'

What is the price that is listed? 

  • The price that is listed, is the price that you have entered as the price of the item (not the selling price).
    • Silent items will list the Starting Bid price
    • Live items will not have a price listed, and will be blank
    • Tickets, Instant and Vote items will list the price of the item
    • Raffle and Donate items will list the price of the item or will say MULTIPLE when a multi-raffle discount is applied or the price type of the donation is set to Donation Levels

Why is the FMV field blank on some items and populated with $0 for others? 

  • Items that can have a FMV added, if no FMV is listed it will populate with a value of $0.00
  • Raffle and Vote items can not have a FMV added, and will populate in the report as a blank value

As a National Organization, can I see all items within all of my hubs?

  • Yes, as a National or Regional Admin, you will have 2 additional fields on your report that allow you to identify which Hub the item is associated with.  The 2 additional fields are: 
    • Parent Org
    • Parent Org ID