Registered Users Report

See all campaign users. View their names, contact information, the revenue they generated, and the number of placed bids. Get insight on which users were checked in through GiveSmart, the time it occurred, and who checked them in.

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  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Reports > Overview.
  2. Select Registered Users

Users types

Campaign admin

Users assigned Campaign Admin access.

Campaign assistants

Users assigned Campaign Assistant access.

Checked in

Users that have been checked in through User > Check-In by an admin or by self check-in.

Did not check in

Users that have not yet been checked in through User > Check-In by an admin or by self check-in.


GiveSmart staff members registered in the campaign.


Users assigned Volunteer access.

Summary section

Pie chart

Shows the user's role and checked-in status. The pie chart depicts users that are assigned as Campaign Admins, Campaign Assistants, Checked In, Not Checked In, GiveSmart, and Volunteer.

Summary spreadsheet

Shows users who checked In by user role assigned; the number of users assigned in those roles; the number of bids placed, collectively within each user role; and amount of revenue generated, collectively within each user role.

Details report

Provides a list of each user along with captured data related to their user account.  The Checked In By column will display the name of the Admin who checked in the user or the name of the User if self check-in was used.  Admins can search by any of the content provided in the report; sort by any of the columns; and export the content via Copy, CSV, Excel, PDF, or Print. 

Note: User custom fields are visible if set within the campaign. With GiveSmart Seating Management enabled and attendees assigned to a group, a "Group" column appears in the Details report.