2023 Q3

July 1 - September 30

GiveSmart Events


  • Google Analytics 4: admin can now utilize their Google Analytics 4 tracking code to continue receiving analytics data from their GiveSmart Events sites. 

Bug Fix

  • Increase the refresh speed of the countdown timer when using the auto-extend feature

GiveSmart Fundraise


  • Name Accents: accents on names are now accepted on all forms.
  • Last Name Required: a last name is now required for all offline donations.
  • Payment Method on Receipts: the payment method will now be displayed on donor email receipts.
  • Creating/Editing Events Activities Restricted: Creating or editing an Events Activity will present an error message for users or accounts without Global Admin access.  
  • Events Page Rebranded: the Events page has been rebranded to Activity Landing Page.
  • Matching Donations Selection: matching donations have been updated to allow only 1 provider connection at a time.  

Bug Fix

  • An admin who is demoted from being a Global User will not longer see the 9-dot.
  • Lists now correctly reflect how a phone number was acquired when the user used the widget on an activity landing page.
  • Time and date filters corrected for Donor CRM file exports.
  • Phone number formatting made consistent for creating and editing users.
  • Character limits updated for all forms:
    • First Name and Last Name: 30 each
    • Email: 100
    • Street Address: 255
    • City: 50
    • Zip: 5
    • Promo Code: 30
    • Guest First Name and Guest Last Name: 30 each
    • Guest Phone: 10
    • Guest Email: 100
    • Email on Confirmation Page widget: 100

GiveSmart Donor CRM


  • Branding Update: removed all instances of GiveSmart learning center icons that referenced Simply Fundraising CRM. 
  • Additional Guidance: additional text supporting proper steps when adding data has been provide on the Launchpad.
  • Merging Center Updates: updated the merging center UI to properly reflect the options that are available and needed. 

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where Thank You letters sent via email were not displaying properly on iOS devices. 
  • Thank you letter template font will now match between the preview and the downloaded PDF.  
  • Searching by address in the main search bar will now search by Address 1, City or Postal Code. 
  • CVV field will now show on all donation links from mobile view. 
  • Fixed a bug where gifts over 10-digits were not properly showing on the contact profile.