Purchase a Ticket

Purchasing a ticket on a GiveSmart campaign will secure your attendance, complete your registration and give you an opportunity to purchase additional items or make a donation.

Note: The recording is presented from a laptop. The layout adjusts to a smaller device.

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Ticket Purchase

Tickets and Sponsorships can be purchased on a campaign from the Order Form. Purchasers will receive an email receipt as well as the welcome text. Attendees, with the contact information provided, will also receive an email and/or text message.

  1. Visit the event website address and click on the button located below Tickets Now Available.
  2. Select the ticket type and quantity.
  3. Select additional items for purchase or make a donation. (If applicable)
  4. Add purchaser information.
  5. Enter the Company or Group Name.
  6. Answer ticket questions and add additional attendees. (If applicable)
  7. If a discount code is provided, click the blue link in the Order Summary to enter the code.
  8. Answer purchaser question. (If applicable)
  9. Enter credit card information or select Google or Apple Pay to complete payment.
  10. Check Terms and Conditions 
  11. Check Text Messages (for bids, purchases and event announcements)
  12. Check the I'm not a robot and click Pay
  13. Once an order is submitted, purchaser registration is automatically complete.
  14. Create a username and password to be able to update order information.
Note: If multiple discount codes are available for a ticket purchase, the last entered discount code will override any prior entered codes.

Purchasing with Multiple Discounts Available on the Ticket

An organization can provide multiple discounts on a single ticket type. This allows various guests to purchase a single ticket type at various discounted rates.

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Purchasing Multiple Ticket Types with the Same or Different Discount Codes

An organization can provide the same or different discount codes for a guest who is purchasing multiple tickets and will receive a discounted amount on all ticket purchases. They can share with the guest the same code to use on various ticket types or provide different codes for each ticket type selected.

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