How to Donate an Item

Donate a stay at your vacation home, sport or concert tickets, gift card or more. Complete the Item Donation Form on the Home page. Provide item details such as the name, description, an estimated fair market value, and images. Provide your contact details. Registration on the campaign is also complete.

  1. Visit Campaign.
  2. Click Donate an Item Now. within the Donate Now Section.
  3. Complete the Item Donation Form.
  4. Check the box to accept Terms and Conditions.
  5. Check the box to receive Text Messages (for bids, purchases, and event announcements).
  6. Click Submit.2019-09-20_12-41-23__1_.gif
Note: Donors receive a Thank You email and the Welcome text. Admins receive an email notification when an item is donated.
Note: Donors who opted out of texts only receive the Thank You email.