Champion FAQs

Can a champion customize their fundraising page?

Yes. Champions can edit the page title, goal amount, champion image, and the content section on their fundraising page. The style and color of the fundraising page are determined by the parent campaign page. 

Is recurring giving an option on a fundraising page?

No. Only the donate now donation levels set on the parent campaign site are reflected on all champion fundraising pages.

How do you delete a donation from a fundraising page?

Admins can delete the donation from the parent campaign site from the Donate page and locating the donation made by the specific donor.

Can a donor be anonymous on the champions fundraising page activity?

Yes. Donors can choose to be anonymous to everyone but the champion and campaign admin by checking the box to 'Hide the donation from everyone but the organizer' at the time of donation. 

Can a champion fundraising page be deleted?

Yes. Champions without donation activity on their page can be deleted. If the champion received donations on their page, all donations need to be deleted prior to deleting the champion page. 

Which reports will the Champion information appear in?

Champion reporting can be located in the Revenue and Purchaser Detail reports.

Can a donor text a donation to a Champion page?

No not at this time. If a donor texts-to-donate, the donation revenue appears on the parent campaign page and not on a Champions personal fundraising page.

Can multiple user accounts be linked to a single Champion account?

 No. Only one user account can be associated with one champion.

Can an admin opt-out of receiving the approval email from a Champion?

No. Admins with a valid email on file receive an email when a Champion edits their page and clicks the button to request for approval.

Can a Champions personal fundraising page be shared via social media or email?

Yes. Clicking one of the social media or email share links on a fundraising page, allows the sharer to create a post on their social media or email account to share the champions fundraising page to make a donation.

Can I create a display to show Champions ranked by revenue?

Yes. You can create a Champion Ranking by Donation Revenue Display.

Is there a limit on how many champions can be on a campaign?

No. There can be an unlimited amount of Champion fundraisers on a campaign. 

Do Champion fundraising pages appear on the parent campaigns Home page?

When a Champion fundraising page is created, it does not automatically appear on the parent campaign Home page but can be linked to through a section or page by copying and pasting the shareable link.

Do the Champions have access to the help center or support?

No. Support agents and material are only available for admins at this time.

If a champion changes the goal, does the admin get notified?

No.  Any modifications made by a Champion after an admin initially approve the page and adjusts the status to live do not require approval or alert the admin.

Are donors required to pay immediately on a Champion page?

Yes. Supporters who donate on a fundraising page are prompted to enter a credit card and secure payment at the time of the donation.

Can an admin enter check payments for a donor?

Yes. An Admin can place a donation on a Champion Fundraising page on behalf of a donor.  Once the donation has been applied, the Admin can apply a check payment through the checkout page. 

Can an admin enter a supporter's donation on a Champion page?

Yes. An Admin can place a donation on behalf of a supporter to a Champion Fundraising page.

If a donor has a credit card on file for the parent campaign, can they use it to pay for their champion donation?

A donor is not required to enter a mobile number on a Champion fundraising page, therefore If the donor is not logged into the GiveSmart parent campaign at the time of making a donation it doesn't link to an existing account on a parent campaign.

If the donor is logged into GiveSmart, and they have a credit card on file, then visit a fundraising page within the same org that they have a credit card on file, then yes their credit card on file will appear. 

Are donations made on a Champion fundraising page part of the donation totals that appear on the Home page fundraising display or a custom revenue display?

Yes. Donations made on a Champions fundraising page are included in the total donation revenue that appears in the fundraising goal on the Home page or a custom revenue display. Champion revenue is separately reflected when looking at the Revenue report.

If a supporter donates on multiple Champions fundraising pages, can the admin see on the parent campaign quickly see which donation was applied to a specific page?

No. At this time there isn't a way to determine which donation was made on which Champion Fundraising Page from the Donate page or reporting on the parent campaign.

Can a supporter create their own fundraising page? 

Yes.  Admins can promote champion fundraising on the Home page of a campaign, encouraging supporters to become a champion and create and customize their personal fundraising page.