Create Ads and Announcements

Include ads on your Item pages, Donate pages, Displays or on your Home page to recognize and promote your sponsors, highlight items, promote and link to upcoming events, link to social media pages, and much more. You choose which individual ads will be included by setting the ad visibility.

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  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Design > Ads.
  2. Click +New Ad.

Ad form

OrientationThe default is to display image before headline, but adjust from the dropdown of options.

Headline: Include custom text in the ad. Max 80 characters.

Call-To-Action Button Text: Allows visitors the option to access a sponsor’s website. Customize the text. Maximum 20 characters.

Call-To-Action Button Color: Choose a color for the call to action button.

Image: Include a custom image or add a sponsor’s logo.

  • We recommend a square image. If not square, then horizontal.
  • The image must be a jpg, gif or png file. 
  • Recommend images smaller than 285 pixels high and 1MB.
  • Large images slow down the load time.

Note: Save the ad to see the updated image preview.

Background Color: Select 'Use image background-color' to apply.

Destination Link URL: Visitors click on the Call to Action Button to access the sponsor’s website.

Visibility: Ads are defaulted to be visible on the Home, Items, and Donate Page, and available in Displays. 

Ad Level: Set an add as Premium and Standard. Premium ads display before Standard ads. Each time the page is refreshed, the ads will randomly shuffle.



NOTE: When choosing to have ads displayed on your Items page, ads will appear dispersed among your items.  The first ad will appear after 3-4 items, and additional ads approximately every 9-12 items.  

Show ads on Home Page

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Pages > Home Page.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. Adjust the default Title or leave it blank (30 character limit).
  4. Choose to Show or Hide as a section on the Home page.
  5. When you've finished, click Save.

Note: Hide only hides Ads on the Home page.

Ad space examples

Recognize specific level sponsors


Highlight items.


Link to additional opportunities to support


Can't see created Ads?

It is likely an ad blocker is enabled on your web browser. Disable the feature to view. Learn how HERE.