Remote Technician

Let a Remote Technician assist in creating an amazing experience for your supporters during your fundraising event.  A dedicated technician is assigned to provide solutions and guidance during the hours of your program. 

Tasks included with Remote Technician Service:

  • Review a fundraising plan
  • Sending/scheduling text messages
  • Opening/closing fundraising items
  • Entry or correction of bids/donations
  • Pulling raffle winners
  • Toggling button overlays on a presentation page
  • Monitoring stats and chat/incoming messages
  • Processing payments
  • Help/troubleshooting during an event.


  • Two weeks before event day, you will receive an email notification to complete your Event Day Review Form. Once submitted, your Technician will schedule a call to discuss your fundraising and communication plans. Your form should be submitted no later than 10 days pre-event.
  • Prior to your scheduled event date and time, please direct all pre-event questions to our Support team.

Introduction and Timeline Review Call

Your Technician will call to introduce themselves, discuss the timeline, verify contact information, and review any possible changes during this call. Our checklists are a great resource to help you prepare these details in advance. 

  • Note: No-shows or last minute canceled calls may not be able to be rescheduled. 

Campaign Site Settings Review

The Technician will verify that your campaign settings, auction items, and additional features are ready for your fundraiser.  

During Your Fundraiser

Your Technician will be available for up to 6 hours during your event to provide dedicated, real-time service. During the event, your Technician will communicate by phone or Zoom to assist with fundraising activities and any troubleshooting needed. 


All email and text messages during the event can be sent and monitored by the Technician.

Tip:  Draft messages in advance and review them with the Remote Technician. 

Raffles, Voting, and Bidding

They can provide assistance with pulling winners for both the raffle and vote features, as well as record any bids or donations from live streams, if applicable. 

Donation Entry

A technician can bulk enter any donations by name or by bidder number from a list provided during the event.  

Closing the Auction

They will verify prior to closing and reconciling the auction.  Once the auction is closed, necessary messages will be sent to keep your supporters informed.  

Post Fundraiser

After the close of the auction, the technician will call to conduct a recap on event day/night.  Unpaid balances will be reviewed along with suggested next steps for collecting payments.  Additional wrap-up tasks can be discussed during this time as well. 

If you would like to have a Remote Technician, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.