2021 Spring Releases


New Feature

In-App Chat

  • From your Presentation Page, choose to have a chat window that appears over the bottom right corner of the presentation video/feed.
  • This feature integrates CometChat as the chat partner
    • CometChat gives you the ability to reply directly to single chats in a thread, add emoji's, animated heart reactions, delete their own messages.
    • CometChat provides a status page for its service (CometChat Pro): https://status.cometchat.com/
  • Manage Chat Messages from a new section in Messages. From this list view, Admins can delete messages.


Text Messages

  • Admins now have the ability to schedule text messages. Schedule a date and time for the message to send upon creating or when editing a draft text message. All drafted text messages are listed in order of scheduled times with unscheduled drafts appearing first but can be sorted.
  • After clicking Send to manually send out a text message, Admins are now prompted with a new confirmation modal to confirm they want to send the message.

Settle Remaining Balances

  • Set a max dollar amount threshold to bulk run cards on file. Choose within the range of $1 or $100,000.

Google Analytics

  • When entering your Google Analytics Tracking number to analyze your supporter's engagement, a validation message will appear if you entered in an invalid number.

Campaign Settings

  • On newly created campaigns through the New Campaign Form, we have updated some of the default settings:
    • Card on file defaults to required.
    • Allow self-checkout defaults to yes.
    • Transaction fees default to optional for a purchaser.

Campaign Creation

  • All campaigns will be treated as a "gala" with all features available.
  • When copying or creating a new campaign, the event type is no longer presented as an option.

Org Hub

  • When downloaded from the Org Hub, org-level report names follow a new naming convention: [Event Short Name] - [Report Name].[ext]

Statements and Receipts

  • Improved the date formatting to reflect to use of the full month name.

Bug Fixes


  • Updated responsive design to fix various display play issues on small screen sizes.

Order Form

  • When ticketing fees are being passed to the purchaser through a custom order form, the fees will be included in the purchaser's total.



Presentation page

  • Admins create multiple button overlays with different calls to action and select to display a pre-defined button on the presentation page.

Settle Remaining Balances

  • Admins can now see the Run All Credit Cards button to settle remaining balances from the Close and Wrap Up settings when the auction is set to Open.
  • Admins can also see a button to Run Unpaid Cards from the Payments container on the Dashboard when at least one supporter has an unpaid balance of $1000 or less and a card is on file.

Champion pages

  • Champion page images have a minimum image size of 200x200 pixels to upload, so the system now recognizes if the image is too small and provides a warning modal.



Presentation page

  • Include a Donate button to overlay on the presentation page video or live stream. With the donate button shown on the presentation page, supporters can click the button to update the left panel of the page, taking them to the Click to Donate option to make a monetary donation.
    • The Donate button is designed to appear in the lower 1/4 of the iFrame, never covering up the video controls.
    • From the shared presentation page, an admin can toggle the donate button overly between Show or Hide on the page to control when supporters will see the donate button.
    • For presentations with 2 embedded iframes, the overlay appears only on the first iFrame entered.
  • The presentation page background color is updated with a neutral color to allow for iframes to be more visible.


  • Include a celebratory animation to appear when a supporter successfully places a leading bid on an auction item.
  • Choose between showing an animation of fireworks or confetti, or no animation.

Terms and conditions

  • The privacy policy is updated to include a more campaign-focused messaging as well as new GDPR-specific language.


  • In order to more accurately communicate to admins what the item "Visibility" field adjusts, the Item form field labeled is updated to "Items Page Visibility".
  • In order to more accurately communicate to admins what the item "Include on Order Form" field adjusts, the Item form field labeled is updated to "Order Form".
  • To properly indicate that a raffle is available for purchase on order forms, the Item Type dropdown was edited to include the option.

Platform language

  • All admin and website pages are updated with more campaign-focused language, moving away from an in-person event language.

Bug Fixes

Champion pages

  • Custom field answers donors provide while making a donation saves on their user account.

Google analytics


  • The Dashboard item number count updates to show the correct number of items after deleting an item.

Payment and Fees

  • Now bulk changes to a custom surcharge or tax on items will save on the selected items.


  • Now Ticket Types marked as hidden don't appear in the Ticket Selection field in the attendee section through the Home page order form.

User accounts

  • When merging two users, when one of the users has a phone number included, the phone number listed will remain as the phone number of the merged user.