Campaign Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard provides a real-time overview of your campaign site with access to settings, tools, and reports.

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Dashboard overview

Your organization name and admin pages are above the Dashboard. The campaign name, date, and time are on the top left.  A real-time snapshot of the campaign site's total revenue is on the top right, along with the Live Activity button where you can monitor fundraising activity.   

Dashboard containers

From the six containers, access to review and manage settings, features, and reports for your site, users, items, payments, tickets (with GiveSmart ticketing), and revenue.


  • Set the Keyword for the Website URL.
  • Text to register (SMS) instructions.
  • Set site Visibility.
  • Quick link access to the Design Center.
  • From the More button ("···").




  • The dollar amount of payments received.
  • The remaining dollar amount unpaid.
    • Run Unpaid Cards appears below the unpaid amount when there is at least one person with an unpaid balance of $1000 or less and has a credit card on file.
  • Breakdown of payments received by payment method.
  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of settings to see the current payment Setting.
  • From the More button ("···").


  • The number of attendees.
  • The number assigned.
  • Breakdown of ticket types, number sold, and amount remaining.
  • Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the settings to see the current ticket setting.
  • From the More button ("···").


  • Breakdown of revenue generated based on item type.
  • From the More button ("···").