Greater Giving

Export and import data when integrating with Greater Giving.

Export Users

Provide GiveSmart with the export of all users 2 days prior to the event. The export that works with our platform is “A Supporter Export Filtered with Both Members.” Please be sure the export sorts couples, as well as users first and last names, in separate columns.

Import Auction Information

  1. Go to File.
  2. Select Import Data.
  3. Select the CSV file.
  4. Under the 'Import Data To' area select Sales > Next.
  5. The fields should automatically matchup (if not you will need to match the fields from the spreadsheet to the fields in the software > click Next).
  6. Save the settings here if you did manually match the fields > click Next, If all records are showing a checkmark > click Next.

    • If a checkmark is not showing for all records, click on those records that have red ‘X’ to see what the issue is in order to correct or remove the row from the import > click Next.
  7. Click Finish.


Note: Downloadable instructions attached.