Payments Received Report

Overview of all payments received. Review the number of individuals and overall amounts.

Note: Payments received outside GiveSmart are not reflected in the report.

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  1. From the Admin Navigation, select  Reports > Payments.

Payment methods

Secure payments through Cash, Check, Credit, or other unique payment methods. Visit Checkout a User to record a user's payment on their account. 


The number of cash payments and total cash payments.


The number and total of check payments.


The number and total credit card payments.


Unique payment arrangements, such as payroll deductions or stock options. 

Summary section

Pie chart

Payments received by type.

Summary spreadsheet

Four payment types, the quantity, and total for each.

Details report

Search, sort, or export individual transaction details.


Time the credit card was charged, based on the timezone. Credit card transactions are batched at the end of each business day. Funds are transferred in five business days of the batch transaction date.


Payment type of either cash, check, credit, or other.

More Info

  • The check number appears for Check payments.
  • Credit card payments show card type and last 4-digits.
  • Cash and other payments show other or cash.

Card Name

Card holder's name as it appears on the credit card.


The amount of payment received.

First and Last Name

First and last name as it appears on the user's account.

Bid #

Assigned bidder number, if applicable.

Custom Field(s)

Custom user fields included, if applicable.

Phone Number

The phone number as it appears on the user's account.


  • Cash, check, and other payments.
    • Notes entered at the time of checkout.
  • Credit Card payments
    • Approval
      • The card entered at the time of payment.
    • Card on File
      • A pre-swiped card or prior purchase.
Note: Donate Now donations include a homepage donation note.


Click the batch number for a batch summary report.