Add a Donation to a Users Account

Monetary donations can be added to a user's cart by org, campaign, or volunteer admins. Once added, payment can be secured either through self-checkout or by an admin from the Checkout page

Donations entered are included in the donation revenue goal on your Home page, and can be included and highlighted on a revenue display.  Donors can choose to remain anonymous on a donation display. 

Add a donation

Use donate items to add any monetary donations to a user's account. A single donation can be added to a user account or multiple donations can be added to multiple donors during a paddle raise based on the bid number assigned. 

Tip: Donations added by an admin on behalf of a donor, should not be placed through the Donate Now section of the Homepage.  Donations placed in the Donate Now section, will appear on the admin's account and not on the donors account.  

Single donation

Available for Click to Donate or for custom donate item donations.

  1. Go to the View Campaign Site.
  2. Click the Donate Page.
  3. Select the Donate item.
  4. Enter the donor's information.
    • Registered user's names appear in a dropdown to select and pre-populate.
    • Check the "Add user without phone" box to bypass the requirement if the user does not have a mobile number.
    • Registered user's bid numbers assigned appear in a dropdown to select and pre-populate
  5. Enter or select the answer to the question if one is needed (optional).
  6. Select or enter the donation amount.
Note: Users with a valid phone number receive a text when the donation is added to their cart by an admin.

Multiple donations

Available for Click to Donate or for custom donate item donations. Bidder numbers must be added and populated as a field on user accounts to enter multiple donations.  Visit Manage User Bidder Numbers to enable the bidder number field.

  1. Select the Donate item.
  2. Click Multiple.
  3. Enter the amount.  (If applicable)
  4. Enter the bid number.
  5. Click Donate.