Purchase a Raffle for a Supporter

Purchase a raffle to be added to a user's cart. Payment can be made either through self-checkout or by an admin from the Checkout page.

How to purchase

  1. Go to View Campaign > Items.
  2. Locate and select the raffle item.
  3. Enter the first three letters of the user's name or assign bidder number to have a dropdown appear and select to pre-populate.
    • Check the Add user without phone box to bypass the requirement if the user does not have a mobile number.
    • If a user account doesn't appear in the dropdown, enter the purchaser's information to create their account.
  4. If there is a Question enter the answer (optional).
  5. Enter or select Quantity.
  6. Click Buy.

Note: Users with a valid phone number receive a text when the raffle purchase is added to their cart by an admin.