Customize a Champion's Personal Fundraising Page

Champion fundraisers and campaign admins can customize personal fundraising pages. The related campaigns banner, style and color, and donation levels appear on each champion's personal fundraising page to create a consistent look for all champion fundraising pages.

Note: Transaction fee and user custom field settings also pull in from the parent campaign to the champion's personal fundraising pages.

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Customizing champion pages

Champion fundraising pages can be personalized by adding a custom page title, revenue goal, champion image, and personal content to share their story or reason for their fundraising efforts.

Note: If a champion image is not added, the default image will be the Organization Logo set on the related campaign.

Champions customizing and managing their own page.

With champion fundraising promoted on the Home page of your campaign site, visitors can become a champion and manage their own personal fundraising page.

Once complete the champion submits a request for approval to the admin. Visit Updating the fundraising page status to learn more.

Admin customizing and managing champion pages

Admins can customize and edit the champion's personal fundraising page. Include or link or button to other information within the Content field. A script tag cannot be included in any embed code. Once complete, update the page status to live to send an email to the champion letting them know their page is ready to share which includes a link to the page as well as the shareable link to copy.

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select P2P (Champions).
  2. Locate the created Champion.
  3. From the Dropdown arrow to the right, select View Fundraising Page.
  4. Click Edit Champion Page in the top left corner.
  5. Edit the champion details.
    • Page Title.
    • Adjust the Goal.
    • Include an image.
    • Click Edit Content.
  6. When you've finished, click Save.