Seating Management

Note: Seating management can only be used with GiveSmart ticketing on a campaign.

Assign table seats or foursomes as tickets are purchased! Continue to manage assignments throughout sales, making adjustments as needed. Answers to custom questions can also be seen on the guest's profile, so if requests are made at the time of purchase, it can be seen and honored when assigning seats. Reach out to support if you are not seeing seating management on your campaign.

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Assign groups

  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Tickets > Seating Management.

Set the number of groups or tables

Specify how many tables/groups are needed, as well as a default capacity for each. Tables/groups can be added and removed as needed. Capacity can be modified per table/group after the initial setup.


Once the number and default capacity are set, land on the Seating Management page to begin seating guests into their assigned tables. To move either a full party or individual attendees, click either the teal party or individual guest and move into the desired table.

Note: Table Assignments are reflected in the Attendee Report as assignments are made.

Print Seating Management View

Once all ticketed guests have been seated, you may opt to print this table assignment view by selecting the Print button.  Unseated, ticketed guests will be listed at the bottom in the Attendees section.  Additionally, you have the option to include the responses to a single custom question when printing, by selecting the custom question from the dropdown menu. 

Note: It is still recommended to print the full guest list via the Attendee Report, which includes all guest details, bid numbers and custom question responses.