Multiple Fundraising Products CardConnect Batch and Fees

This article is intended for organizations who own 2 or more GiveSmart Fundraising Products, including any combination of GiveSmart Events, Fundraise or Donor CRM.  

NOTE: If you are a customer who uses GiveSmart Events Only, please refer to the following article regarding CardConnect batch and fees.  

The CardConnect fees and funding will be batched differently between the GiveSmart Events and Fundraise platforms.  

GiveSmart Events


Credit card transactions are deposited automatically when the batch closes daily between 8:45 and 9:15 PM CST.  Deposits will appear as MERCHANT BANKCD.  Transactions received after the closeout time are reported on the next day's batch.  Event Batch Reports are updated 24-48 hours after the funds appear in CardConnect. High value transactions can be flagged by CardConnect, which could delay the funds being batched.

Transaction Fees

CardConnect deducts the transaction fees at the time of the transaction and will be reflected in the Batch Report.

GiveSmart Fundraise & Donor CRM


Donations collected will be batched to your bank account daily at 6:45pm Pacific. Batches will show up in your bank statement within 24 - 48 hours (depending on the bank) as soon as the transactions are settled.

The deposit method for funding batches is ACH directly to the bank account number, and they will appear with the label "MERCHANT BANKCD DEPOSIT 496-----------" where the numerical figure starting with "496" is your CardConnect merchant ID (MID).

Transaction Fees

Your monthly processing fee for money collected in the previous month's collection period is automatically withdrawn from the linked bank account once per month, between the 2nd and 5th (depending on weekends or holidays). If donations were also collected on the day that fees are pulled, then your deposit will be net your donations minus fees.

NOTE: The CardConnect Merchant Center is available to view batch details from GiveSmart Fundraise and DonorCRM.  Batch details in GiveSmart Events can be viewed on the Batch Report within your event site.