Invitee User Account

Note: Invitees only appear on campaigns using GiveSmart Ticketing.

Invitees are created when a ticket purchaser assigns a ticket in their order. Purchasers can include name, mobile number, email, and mailing address (optional). With a valid phone number or email added, the invitee receives a notification prompting them to confirm their ticket. Once the ticket is confirmed, the invitee is registered on the campaign site.

Update Invitee Users

Update Ticket Order

Locate the invitee within the purchase order to update or add a mobile number, email address, or mailing address (optional) from Ticket > Ticket Orders. Visit Manage Attendees in Ticket Order to learn more.

Note: Once an invitee confirms the ticket, contact information can only be updated from their user account.

Update Invitee Account

Locate the invitee and update or add a mobile number, email address, mailing address, or add a bidder number to an Invitee from Users > Details. Visit Manage User Details to learn more.

Communicate with Invitee Users

Confirmation Reminders

Send a confirmation text and or email reminder to invitees with a valid mobile number or email address added to their user account. Visit Purchaser and Attendee Reminders to learn more.

Email or Text Messages

Send an email or text to all Invitees, with a valid mobile number or email added to their user account, who are assigned a ticket but have yet to confirm. Once an invitee confirms their ticket they are no longer included in this group.

Pre-set message recipient groups that include invitees are: 

  • Everyone
  • Invitees
  • Ticketholders
  • Seated Users
Note: Invitees can only be messaged as a group, and not individually.
  1. From the Admin Navigation, go to Communications > Email or Text
  2. Choose +New Email or +New Text
  3. Click Recipients dropdown
  4. Choose Group
  5. From the To dropdown, select Invitees
  6. Draft the email or text
  7. Choose to save as a draft or send it immediately.
Note: Messages that include a campaign site link will take the invitee first to a page that prompts them to confirm their ticket. Once the ticket is confirmed they will be taken into the campaign site.

Invitee Users with a both a Ticketed and Non-Ticketed Account

Users who register through one of the registration pathways, added as a new user by an admin, or entered as a donor or solicitor on an item and have an unconfirmed ticket assigned to them, will show two user accounts. If a mobile number is included on the non-ticketed user account, the two accounts will automatically merge when:

  1. The ticket is confirmed - If the same mobile number appears in both user accounts when the invitee confirms their ticket.
  2. The Invitee account is checked-in by an Admin - From Users > Check-In, select and complete the check-in of the ticketed invitee account to confirm the ticket.

Note: If duplicate account is missing the mobile number, or has a different number, manually merge them after the ticket is confirmed or they check-in.  Visit Merge Duplicate User Accounts to learn more.

Add Item for Invitee

Admin or volunteers can place a bid, donation or purchase an item on behalf of an invitee.  When a bid, donation or purchase is placed, the invitee will become a user on the event.  This will confirm their ticket, and allow them to be included in future messaging groups.  They will no longer appear as an invitee, nor will they be included in the invitee messaging group.