Review Champion Fundraising Revenue

Donations made on champion fundraiser's personal fundraising pages can be reviewed and tracked both by the champion as well as the org and campaign admin on the associated campaign. 

Reviewing donations

As a champion

Champion fundraisers can review the donation activity made on personal fundraising pages. Champions also receive email notifications to the email on file when donations are made on their page.

As a campaign admin

Org and campaign admins on the related campaign can also review donations made on each champion page. Org and campaign admins can also receive an email notification to the email on file when donations are made on any champion page.

Note: For donations placed by an admin via the Add Donation option on the Champion page, no email or text notifications will be sent to the Admin, Champion or donor.   

Champion tab

From the champion table, review all created champion fundraisers total raised and goal set per each champion, as well as an overall total raised and overall collective goal to reach.

Note: The total row does not appear on mobile devices.

Campaign reports

Review overall champion fundraising from the champions tab as well as in the Revenue Report.

Custom display

Create a custom display to highlight champions ranked by revenue generated as well as recognize those who donated on the champion pages. 

Note: Donations received on champion fundraising pages will also be accounted for the donation revenue goal shown on your Home page.