Items Reports

Item reports are available to track and manage fundraising activity related to the offered items.

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  1. From the Admin Navigation, select Reports > Overview.


Track the sold and paid status for all items.

Summary section

Pie chart graph of the total number of items sold, pending or unsold by item type.

Details report

Breakdown of the items by Item number, type, and name. Also, it shows which items sold, remain pending, are unsold, and the total number created. Copy, print, or export the content.

Donated By Report

Review Item Donor information added to the items.

Summary section

The breakdown shows item number, item name, FMV added, procurement state, display name, donor name, phone number, email, mailing address, contact name, and user type. Copy, print, or export the content.

Watched Items

Review users who "stared" or watched which items.

Summary report

The Breakdown shows the item number, item name, first and last name of the user who watched the item along with their mobile number and email. Copy, print, or export the content.