Presentation Viewers Report

Review the total number of Viewers, Registered Users and Guests who visit a Presentation Page.  

Visitors to a presentation page who are not logged in, will be prompted to log in or continue viewing as a guest.  

Once a viewer is logged in or has selected to continue as a guest, they will be prompted to enter the number of people watching the presentation.  Any numerical value between 1 - 100 can be entered in this field.  


URL Slug: 

The URL Slug is the unique identifier for each created presentation page. 

Total Viewers: 

The cumulative number of viewers entered into the Total Viewers field.

Registered Users

The total number of signed-in users who visited the presentation page.


The total number of non signed-in users who visited the presentation page. 

Summary Report View

The Summary Report breaks down the Total Viewers, Registered Users and Guests by each created presentation page.  

Details Report View

To view the Details Report, select one of the presentation page options in the Summary Report.  Once selected, additional viewer insight can be seen including the time the visitor accessed the presentation page, as well as visitor contact information.