Manage User Details

Manage supporter accounts by confirming and updating their user details. Re-send the welcome text messages, download statements, or remove a user with no activity on the campaign site.

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Update a user account.

Add or update a user’s name, mobile number, email, address, bidder number, custom details, texting engine, role, or username.

  1. From the Users Container within the Dashboard, click More ("···").
  2. Select Manage Users.
  3. Search for the user and select.
  4. Once selected, edits can be made in Users Details.
  5. Additional edits can be made from the Actions dropdown.
  6. Once complete, click Save.

Additional actions on a user account


ID: The GiveSmart Events User ID located directly below the user's name, can be used to show a relation from a GiveSmart Donor CRM entry.  This does not currently appear in any reports. 


First & Last Name: Required fields. 

Mobile: GiveSmart accepts US and Canada mobile numbers. Standard Message & Data rates apply.

Email: Email addresses can be shared between 2 or more users. With a valid email included, a statement is automatically emailed when the user's balance is paid in full.

Bidder Number: This shows an assigned bidder number.

Custom Fields: Include additional information about supporters. Limit of 40 characters with 16 characters that can be shown or hidden from users.

Address: US and Canada addresses are accepted. An address is required to purchase through an order form or donations through the Donate Now or Champion page and be required during registration.

Texting Engine: Indicates how a user receives a text message. The default is the Short Code.

Note: Campaigns hosted in Puerto Rico and Canada require a 10-digit texting engine. Long Code USA or Long Code Canada should be the selected texting engine. 

Username & Password: Users are prompted to create a username & password via the registration form, manage their ticket order, or accept a ticket purchased on their behalf.  Admins can update their username and password.

Note: Passwords must include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character.  We recommend letting individuals reset their own password.  However, if creating a temporary password on behalf of a user/admin/volunteer, you may share their existing username as well as the newly created temporary password.  Once logged in, a user may update their password by:
  • Clicking on initials in the top right corner
  • Select Profile
  • Enter updated password
  • Click Save Profile

User Role: User is the default role, which provides access to the fundraising website. Update the role to provide admin access. Visit User Permissions.

Send registration message

Resend the welcome text to a user.  This link can also be shared with an Admin or Volunteer if they need to finish creating their account. 

Generate statement

Generate a pdf copy of a user's statement which downloads to the device.

Remove user from a campaign

Remove users with no activity on their accounts. Visit Removing a User from a Campaign for more information.