Checkout Multiple Users Together

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Check out multiple users at the same time

  1. Go to Admin view > Users > Checkout.
  2. Enter the user's name in the search box.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Locate the user’s account.                         
  5. Select Begin Checkout.
    • Details of transactions will appear.
  6. Click +Select Additional Guests.
  7. Search for the additional user to add.
  8. Click Search.                                     
  9. Click Select next to the user's account that you would like to add. 
    • Page will repopulate with the combined order.
  10. Click Make a Payment.                            
  11. Select the appropriate form of payment. 
  12. Follow prompts to complete the payment with the appropriate method.
Note: Visit How to Checkout A User to learn all about the payment options.