Donation Campaign Checklist

Donation Only campaigns are quick and easy to create. All information is contained on one page, where supporters can donate without creating an account by using our Donate Now section. These campaigns are great for Giving Tuesday, Annual Funds and general donation campaigns.

This outline provides links to GiveSmart Help Center resources to help you plan and execute your donation campaign. 

If you need some extra help, check out GiveSmart’s service offerings at 

Download the Donation Only Guide

pci compliance Donation Only Guide

I. Preparing your GiveSmart Campaign Site  

When beginning to build your site, remember to visit the Resources button in the bottom right of your campaign. Located in the Step By Step Guides Section you will find a series of short videos walking you through the setup of your site. 

A. All the Settings

  1. Create a Campaign
  2. Global Settings
  3. Donation Settings
  4. Auction Settings - to hide items page
  5. Fees Settings

B. Design and Customize

  1. Style and Color
  2. Customize the Home Page
  3. Create Ads and Announcements

C. Fundraising Components

  1. Receive Monetary Donations

D. Displays (Bids Display & Thermometer) 

  1. Displays Overview - to embed in custom section on home page (optional)

II. Fundraising Logistics

A. Promote Your Fundraiser

  1. When and How to Promote

B. Communications

  1. Draft/Schedule Text Messages 
  2. Sample Communication Timeline 

C. Reporting

  1. Revenue Report
  2. Purchaser Details
  3. Batch Report