Auction Items

Give supporters an opportunity to bid on items directly through your campaign site or set up items to be auctioned via an auctioneer or emcee.

Silent Item

Users bid the minimum amount or higher. The minimum amount is determined by the current bid amount plus the bid increment.


How it Works

  • Users place a bid at either the starting bid, current bid, or above.
  • Once the bid is placed, the user is automatically marked as the highest bidder.
  • The previous bidder receives an outbid text. They are encouraged to increase the bid amount.
  • Bidding continues until the item is closed.
  • The highest bidder becomes the winner when the item is closed and reconciled.
  • The winner secures payment from their Pay page or at checkout.



  • Assembled Baskets.
  • Gift Cards or certificates.
  • Unique Experiences.

Live Item

Live items remain in a view-only state. Bids are captured by an auctioneer or an Emcee. We recommend no more than ten items. Keep it short to keep up the energy and excitement.

How it Works

  • Guest's bid, which is usually led by a live auctioneer.
  • Bids are acknowledged to the live auctioneer usually via paddle.
  • Item added to the winner's cart by an Admin.
  • A text is sent to the winner that the item was added to their cart.
  • Winner secures payment at checkout.



  • Travel Packages.
  • Unique Experiences.
  • Signed Memorabilia.


Tip: Research shows that only 10% of guests participate in live items, which means 90% of the attendees simply watch. GiveSmart recommends leaving the silent auction open through the live auction. This allows 90% to continue bidding and increase the revenue raised.