Self Check-In

Allow guests the option to check-in to the event or campaign themselves.  By sending a simple text message, guests can check themselves into the event allowing admin to track attendance and maintain a contactless environment.  This feature can be used for all users, both ticketed and non-ticketed. 

 Tip: When using bid numbers, merge duplicate users prior to sending the self check-in link.  This will ensure all attendees have a bid number on their account when they arrive to the event. 

Using the Self Check-In Feature

Note: If using the self check-in feature in conjunction with GiveSmart ticketing, please note that guests who have not confirmed the receipt of their ticket, also known as Invitees, will have an additional step prior to completing self check-in.  Once these unconfirmed guests click on the self check-in link, they will land on a page where they can complete their account set-up, then they will proceed through the self check-in process.

There are no settings that need to be modified to use the self check-in feature.  Simply send a text message using our preset, self check-in template.  The URL in the template allows guests to confirm their contact information and complete check-in all from their phone. 

Send text message

  1. Create a new text message using the Not Checked In text template.
    • Note:This message can be modified.  Please note that the removal of the ##CHECKINLINK## will remove a guest's ability to self check-in
  2. Once the message is complete, schedule the message to be sent moments before guests begin to arrive.  

Guest Experience

  1. Text message is received, and self check-in link is clicked.
  2. Check-In page is opened, and contact information confirmed.  
  3. Once confirmed, they are presented with the option to add a card on file, review current cards on file or complete check-in without adding a card.
  4. Once check-in is complete, a success modal appears which will include Bid Number, Seating Group and Custom Fields if used.   A quick-link to the items page is displayed. 
Note: If additional contact information or custom questions are required, guests will be prompted for this information prior to landing in the check-in portal.  Along with Terms and Conditions or Text Message confirmation if not already accepted.


For common FAQs regarding self check in, view our Check-In FAQs article.