Smart Partners

Need extra support? We have excellent partners ready to help.  

Why work with Smart Partners? 

Just like we’re experts in fundraising technology, they’re experts in the logistics of delivering friendly guest services staff and help operating our fundraising technology to your specific location. 

GiveSmart selectively works with partners that have extensive experience with fundraising events and the application of our platform to make an event successful. 

  • Look for the Badge: Our partners invest in the latest product training directly from GiveSmart and demonstrate proficiency in our Events platform 

  • Quality Standards: Our partners are responsive and committed to consistently providing and maintaining a record of high-quality service to customers - it’s a cornerstone of evaluating our ongoing relationship 

  • ConvenienceGiveSmart has vetted our partners so you don’t have to do the research. Between them, they offer an array of options that are bound to meet your unique needs and can complement any existing GiveSmart services you use. 

Partner Directory  

GOAT Events 

  • GOAT Events takes a consultative-approach working closely with clients to understand their goals and develop strategies specific to their event, while also providing top-tier onsite support and management services. 

  • GOAT managers (GOATs) are highly trained, seasoned event experts with the in-depth knowledge of the Givesmart platform and a developed understanding of what it takes to run a smooth event. Whether it’s consulting and pivoting on the fly, or sticking to the plan, GOATs will ensure that you feel supported and ready to tackle any hiccup or issue that comes your way on event night. 

  • GOAT specialists are motivated, passionate, professional, and friendly event staff that have specific knowledge of event fundraising and the Givesmart platform. These specialists will not only make sure your guests know how to bid on their phones but will encourage participation and provide an expert level of customer service for your event fundraising. 

  • Comprehensive GOAT Premiere package available in; Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Illinois. 

  • GOAT-Only management model is available nationwide. 

  • Best method of contact: Website 

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LIFE Event Staffing 

  • Life Event Staffing specializes in auction technology platforms, so our staff are continuously gaining experience across the industry. We provide only skilled personnel who can help establish relationships with your team and donors whilst ensuring your technology platform runs smoothly.   

  • They are well-versed in the refinements that go along with nonprofit clients and fundraising events. Clients don’t solely need enthusiastic brand ambassadors; they require highly trained individuals who can confidently and knowledgeably run and assist in auction events.   

  • Our staff are based across the US and Canada and all with a minimum of 5 years working within the fundraising industry.   

  • Best method of contact: Website 

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Ace the Event 

  • Ace The Event was intentionally designed to enhance your GiveSmart package and overall event experience 

  • We aim to offer our clients a "One-Stop-Shop" experience that transforms the world of fundraising, while remaining devoted to their success 

  • Best method of contact: Email 

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Request from all 3 

NEW! We’ve made it easy to request proposals from all of our partners in 3 simple steps: 

  1. Contact your GiveSmart rep to initiate a Request for Proposals (RFP) 

  1. Complete the RFP form with your event details and service requirements 

  1. Select how you’d prefer to receive a proposal 

Available partners will respond within 3 business days. Review and contract directly with the partner that best meets your needs!  

GiveSmart recommends planning ahead for the best experience- service capacity for busy dates may fill up in advance. Looking to rent or purchase equipment to support your event? Check out our dedicated Equipment Providers.