Gain access to bid, buy and donate to organizations you wish to support. Once registration is complete, receive email and text updates about the event, staying connected to the fundraising. Visit Registration Email to see an example.

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How to self-register

Register via text

  1. Text campaign keyword to 76278.
  2. Follow the prompts from the texts received.
  3. Once registered, click the blue link within the Welcome Text to access the campaign.
Note: Unless an email is required for registration, the registration email is not sent.

Register via Home page registration button

  1. Visit the event website address.
  2. Click Register to Participate.
  3. Create an Account.
  4. Check the Terms and Conditions box.
  5. Check the Text Messages box (for bids, purchases, and event announcements).
  6. Click Create my GiveSmart Account.
  7. Click Ok within the All Set Message to complete Registration.

Register via an order form

Select from any of the available tickets or items offered in the Order Form. Registration is complete after payment is secured. A receipt of purchase is emailed and the Welcome text is sent.

Register via Home page donation

Once your monetary donation is entered and payment is secured through the Donate Now Form you will have the option to Set up your Account and complete your registration on the campaign Visit How to Make a Monetary Donation to learn more.

Registration is also complete after an Item is donated through the Item Donation Form on the Home page. Visit How to Donate an Item to learn more.

How admins can add users

While self-registration is the best path to getting into the campaign to browse, bid, and buy, there are a few ways an admin can assist in the registration process.

Add a new user

The organization can add you to the campaign one by one, complete your registration and send you the welcome text and registration email.

  1. The Admin selects +New User.
  2. Completes the New User fields and sets User Role.
  3. Clicks Register User.

Upload a guest list

The organization may choose to import you and other users through a guest list. Users imported into a campaign DO NOT receive a Welcome email or text.