2022 Spring Releases

New Feature

Age Restrictions

  • Apply an age restriction to items that require a bidder or purchaser to meet a certain age prior to purchase.

Print Seating Management

  • Admin now have the ability to print the seating management view for their table assignments.  Allowing for a similar view and layout that can be used at the event. 

Apple Pay & Google Pay

  • Users now have the ability to leverage a credit card within their Apple or Google wallet when making a purchase on the GiveSmart platform.


Live Auction Item New Modal

  • When assigning a winner to a live auction item, a modal will now appear providing you the opportunity to close and reconcile the item now or to wait.  This provides an efficient method for quickly closing those items in the moment, and applying a payment to the item while still engaged with the guest. 

Countdown Clock Color

  • When enabling a countdown clock for your auction, you will now have the option to change the color of the clock, allowing you to choose a color that will stand out for your supporters and fit your color scheme. 

Self Check-In for Invitees

  • Your unconfirmed, ticketed users (aka Invitees) can now utilize the self check-in link!  They will have an additional step to confirm and create their account before continuing with self check-in.  

Return Donations from Checkout

  • Admin now have the ability to return donations from a users cart during checkout.  When returning the donation post payment, you will have the option to retain the payment as a credit or issue a refund during the return process. 

Schedule Custom Purchase Reports from the Org Hub

  • Custom purchase reports can now be scheduled to send automatically from the Org Hub.  When creating a new custom report, simply select the cadence and enter any emails (including non-admin emails) to include in this report.

Additional Guest Information on Self Check In Confirmation Screen

  • Additional information has been added to the confirmation screen when a guest completes their self check in.  New information includes: Bid Number, Seating Group/Golf Hole and Custom Fields. 


Payment Status on Ticket Order Report

  • A new column has been added to the Ticket Orders Report for Admin to review the Payment Status (Paid, Unpaid or Comp) for this order. 


Bug Fixes

Apply Pay Fees

  • When a guest chooses to pay via Apply Pay, if they are covering the fees associated with this purchase, these fees are now being displayed properly.  

Restricted Words in Text Messages

  • To remain in compliance with our mobile messaging provider, certain words will be restricted from text messages.  (including but not limited to: cannabis and CBD) 

Broken Image Links

  • When hyperlinking an image in a description or custom section, it will now accept the preceding https:// in the pasted URL. 

Deleted Custom Order Forms

  • When a custom order form was deleted, it still appeared as an option when assigning items.  These deleted order forms have been removed.

Report Column Spacing

  • Additional space has been removed from the reports column and graphics. 

Top Navigation Bar on Mobile Devices

  • An improvement has been made for Admin to prevent the top navigation bar from interfering with the View Admin button when on a mobile device. 

Order Form UX Improvement

  • The order form will no longer flash to the bottom of the page when selecting to move to the next section of the order form. 

Raffle Link Option Missing as an Option for Drafted Text Messages

  • When editing a drafted message, the Raffle Link was not available in the Campaign Link dropdown. 

Able to View All Six Item Types When Creating a New Item

  • There is no longer the need to scroll to view all six item type options when creating a new item.  

Item Page Status on Dashboard

  • When utilizing the Go Live feature on the Auction Settings, once the items page was live, the Item Page Status was not updating on the Dashboard in the Item Container.