Sample Communication Timeline

Communication plays an integral role in the success of your event.  Everything from early promotions to the close has an effect on your supporter's experience.  So it's important to ensure that the communication strategy that is used, is providing information in a clear and concise manner, sets and manages expectations, and guides your supporters to the right place at the right time.  

Provided below is an example communication timeline.  Many of the suggestions, are pre-set templates which can be customized and located within the text communication page of your site.  Additionally, the option to send any of these messages as an email rather than a text is also available. 


Download the Sample Communication Timeline

Includes example messaging

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I. Reminders

A. Campaign Links

B. How to Create, Draft, Send or Schedule a Text Message

C. Best Practices

D. How to Create, Draft or Send an Email Message

E. When and How to Promote


II. Pre Fundraising Day

A. Complete Ticketed User Info

B. Missing Info for Non-Ticketed Users

C. Auction Reminders

D. Items for Purchase Reminders

E. Donation Reminders


III. Main Fundraising Day

A. Reminder and Prompt for Card

B. Self-Checkin

C. Table Reminders

D. Fundraising Reminders


IV. Post Fundraising or Close of Auction

A. Winner Messaging

B. Payment Instructions