Item Sheet FAQs

Can I see examples of both types of item sheets?

Why is the header image too large on the item sheet?

Images larger than1350w x 150h pixels results in the header taking up too much space on the item sheet. The image resolution can be adjusted using any image manipulation software and setting the parameters to the above-mentioned pixels.

How do I delete a header or footer image?

Toggle the header or footer field to Hide to remove the custom image.

Why is the header or footer not appearing on the item sheet?

Confirm Header and Footer are set to Show. For a complete list of what can be displayed, visit Item Sheets.

Why are the item sheets not downloading?

If you are using an old browser or IOS version, this could be the problem. Use an updated version of Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Visit Google Chrome for a free download.

Why does the item sheet fill the whole page when printing 5 x 7?

Each printer is unique. For a 5 x 7 basic item sheet, be sure Scale - Fit To Page is unselected.