Add or Adjust Tables or Golf Groups

Note: Only available with GiveSmart Ticketing.

Additional Tables or Golf Groups can always be added. Admins can also adjust assigned table names as well as individual table capacities.

Add Additional Tables or Golf Groups

Add a Table/Group

  1. Select the +Add New Table Button
  2. Fill in the requested New Table name/number and capacity
  3. Click Save

Remove a Table/Group

  1. Find the Table to delete
  2. Click the “X” in the right corner of the Table box
  3. Confirm the Deletion

Note: Cannot delete tables with any reserved seats.

Adjust Table Name or Capacity

Adjust Name/Number

  1. Find the Table you wish to rename/number
  2. Select Edit
  3. Rename/number the table within the Table field
  4. Select Save

Adjust Capacity

  1. Select the Table to change
  2. Select edit
  3. Enter the new capacity
  4. Select Save

View Unused and Total Capacity Per Table or Group

In the top right corner of each table displays first, the number of spots reserved. Second displays the total number of seats allotted at each specific table. The example shows 10 total available seats, and 4 are reserved thus far.