Ticketing FAQs

Can discount codes be added to a ticket?

Yes. Multiple discount codes can be applied to each ticket. Visit Create Ticket Types to learn more.

Can an applied discount code be removed from a ticket?

Applied codes can't be deleted. To correct, toggle the ticket to Hide and create an updated new ticket.

Note: Unapplied Codes can be removed by deleting the code and saving the ticket.

Can I create a zero attendee ticket?

Yes. This is commonly used with sponsorship tickets. Enter 0 (zero) in the Attendees per ticket field. Leaving Attendees per ticket blank generates an error. Visit Create Ticket Types to learn more.

Can I change the order tickets visually appear?

Yes. Visit Order Form Customization to learn more.

Can I sell items available along with ticket purchases?

Yes. Visit Sell Instant Items from the Order Form to learn more.

Note: Item name and description will show.

Are Instant Items in the Order Form paid for at the time of purchase?

Yes. All Order Form tickets, items, or donations are paid for at the time of purchase.

Can ticketing and credit card fees be passed to the purchaser?

Yes. Organizations can pass fees to purchasers. Visit Pass Fees to Purchaser for more information.

Custom Questions

How do I require attendees to answer ticket questions?

Yes. When purchasers enter an attendee's name, they are prompted to provide answers to the required questions. Review Add Custom Questions for more information.

Can I ask different questions for different tickets?

Yes. Ticket questions are added to the individual ticket types. Review Add Custom Questions for more information.

Managing Reservations

Can Admins be notified of new ticket purchases?

Yes. Org and Campaign Admins receive an email when tickets are purchased. Visit Admin Email Notification Settings to learn more.

Do ticket purchasers receive confirmation of their purchase?

Yes. Purchasers receive an email receipt and welcome text. Visit Ticket Purchase - Notifications to learn more. Purchasers don't a copy of the confirmation at registration.

Will Assigned Attendees receive any notifications?

Yes. Attendees, with a valid email or phone number, receive an email and or a text notification letting them know a ticket was purchased on their behalf. Attendees can confirm, resister, answer or edit ticket questions, and add a credit card to their account.

Can I choose one purchaser to remind them to update their attendees?

Yes. Review Purchasers and Attendees Reminders for more information.

Can I un-assign a previously assigned ticket?

Yes. Visit Manage Attendees in Ticket Orders for more information.

How do I update an attendee's ticket question answer?

Yes. Visit Manage Attendees in Ticket Orders for more information. 

Tip: Attendees confirm answers when confirming their tickets. 

Can a Group Name be changed in a ticket order?

Yes. Admins can update in the Order Details and Purchasers can update in the order history.

Can I issue a refund for a ticket purchase?

Yes. Visit Returning Ticket Orders to learn more.

Can I issue complimentary tickets?

Absolutely! Visit How to Issue Complimentary Tickets to learn more. 

Can I add table or bidder numbers to a user's account?

Yes. Visit Bulk Add or Edit User Custom Fields, and Manage User Bidder Numbers to learn more.

Can I search by the Group/Party name on the Ticket Orders page? 

Yes.  When searching on the Ticket Orders page, an admin can search for a Group/Party name.  Note: if you update a Group/Party name while on the Ticket Orders page, you will need to refresh the page before searching by that name. 

Review Reports

What is the best way to see who purchased Tickets for an event?

Visit the Attendee report in Ticket Reports to learn more.

Why don’t I see unassigned guests in my Ticket Orders Report?

Assigned tickets appear in the Ticket Orders Report. The Attendees Report includes unassigned tickets. Unassigned tickets are included in the total ticket count.

Why are some guests listed twice on the Ticket Orders Report?

Purchasers, who are also attending, are list as both as a purchaser and an attendee. Click the Attending column to sort by attending and purchasing.

Can I export my Ticket Orders Report?

Yes. Select one of the buttons to the right of the search bar.

Why can’t I purchase a ticket for a guest?

Confirm that all required fields are completed. Visit Purchase a Ticket for a Guest to learn more.

Why do I see two user profiles with the same information?

The mobile number is a unique identifier when a user account is created. If a visitor registers on the campaign, and a ticket is assigned to them with the same number, an invitee account is created until they confirm. Once confirmed or checked in, the two accounts automatically merge.

Can I delete a ticket question if there are answers? 

Yes.  You are able to delete a ticket question with or without responses.  Please note, if there are any responses, they will be deleted once the question is deleted.