User FAQs

How to update a username or password for a user?

Visit Edit User Details.

Is it possible to delete a user from a campaign?

Yes. Visit Removing a User from a Campaign.

Can I import the users from the previous year into this campaign?

Yes. Users can be copied into a new campaign. However, users can not be directly transferred to an existing campaign.  To add users to an existing campaign, a User report (View Admin >  Reports > Overview, select Registered Users) would need to be exported from a prior campaign, placed into a new user import template (Guest List Template), then uploaded to the new campaign site as an MS-Windows CSV file. For more information, visit Adding New Users.

Where can I locate a report that contains my donor’s information?

Visit the Registered User Report

What does invitee within a user's account mean?

If Invitee is below a user's name and the ticket icon is teal, it indicates the user has not confirmed their ticket. Once a user is assigned a ticket to the event, and a valid phone number or email has been added to their account, they will receive a notification prompting them to confirm their ticket. Once the ticket is confirmed, the user will change from invitee to an active user account.

Tip: Hovering over the ticket icon will provide a tooltip reminder of the ticket status.

How can an Admin place a bid for themselves?

Admin will have a slightly different user experience than a general user when placing a bid.  An Admins experience will be similar to placing a bid on behalf of another user.  For more information, visit Place a Bid