Live Activity

From the Live Activity view, monitor the fundraising activity, see upcoming text messages from the queue and enter monetary donations.  

Activity Feed

  • View fundraising activity either by source or all.
  • Feed shows the 20 most recent fundraising activities and indicates the amount, item number, name, purchaser/donor/bidder, and time of the activity in how many seconds, minutes, hours ago the activity was made.
  • Use the Search field to search for item activity by Item # or Item Name.  The most recent activity up to 20 individual line items will be displayed.
  • From Totals, view the revenue totals by source or all.
  • The activity feed auto-refreshes with a 20 second delay.

Add Donations

  • Enter in one-time or monthly monetary donations for supporters.
  • Donations entered appear in the donation activity feed.

Message Queue

  • Scroll to review all scheduled and drafted messages.
  • Messages are listing in order of most recent scheduled to drafted.
  • The next outgoing message is highlighted at the top of the queue.
  • Click the quick link to Messages > Text > Draft to edit a message or schedule/send a draft message.