Tips for a Flawless Check In - Best Practices

When guests check in at your event, this sets the pace for the evening, and is the location best suited for making a great first impression.  We've made it easy to customize your check-in process to fit the needs of your guests.  The tips below are great for all experiences and will allow your process to run as smoothly as possible.  

Encourage Pre-Event Engagement

Encouraging your guests to engage with your site before the event begins provides them the opportunity to update their account information and add a credit card on file, which will allow them to participate in event auction activities.  Having this information on file before check-in begins means less time your volunteers need to spend with each guest during the check-in process, thus providing a smooth and expedient experience right out of the gate.  

  • Ensure all tickets have been assigned and confirmed. 
    • This ensures all guests have answered custom ticket questions (including meal choices) and have provided their contact information. 
  • Use the text templates to encourage guests to add a card on file pre-event.
    • The 'Prompt for Card on File' template is a great way to ask your guests to assist in making their check-in and checkout even easier.

TIP: Opening your auction or offering raffle sales pre-event are fantastic ways of encouraging guests to add a card on file and update their contact information before the event begins. 

Contactless or Self-Check In

It's never been easier to eliminate the lines altogether with our contactless check-in feature.  This option allows guests to check themselves into the event, and all they'll need to do is show the green checkmark on their phone to a volunteer indicating this is complete.   

Tip: If you have printed materials, paddles or other items to distribute during check-in, consider creating a 'pre-check' or 'express' check-in line for those who have already completed contactless check-in.  Guests can also pick up their materials at their assigned table, since table information is displayed during the self-check in process, can be found on their My Info tab or the 'Find Your Table' text template can be sent. 

To Swipe or Not to Swipe

The beauty of the GiveSmart platform, is we've made it easy for guests to add their own credit card for participating in auction activities.  When making a purchase, placing a bid or from their their My Info tab, guests always have the opportunity to add, remove or update their card on file.  Having this card on file before the event begins = less time spent at check in.  Swipers are great for last minute additions, but the goal for a smooth event night check-in, is to have as many people with a card on file and contact info updated before the event begins.

If you are using a credit card swiper and are experiencing any issues, please reference this troubleshooting guide

Best Practices