Create Ticket to Purchase

Create tickets or sponsor packages to purchase from the Home page order form or a custom page with an order form. Assign seats from Seating Management with GiveSmart ticketing.

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Create a ticket

  1. From the Tickets container within the Dashboard, click the More button ("···").
  2. Select Create New Ticket.
  3. Click New Ticket.
  4. Complete the new ticket form.
  5. When you've finished, click Save.
Note: Tickets appear in the order created. Visit Customizing the Order Form to set the order they appear within an order form.

Ticket order fields


Maximum 30 characters, including spaces.


Include benefits associated with the ticket. Maximum 1000 characters, including spaces.


Price of each ticket.

Total Quantity

Can be adjusted at any time and once reached, Sold Out appears.

Attendees Per Ticket

Maximum of 50 attendees per type. Enter 0 (zero) for ticket types with no attendees. An error will occur when left blank.


Appears on receipts for tax purposes.

Note: The system does not multiply the FMV enter by the number of attendees. The FMV entered should be the number of attendees times the price per attendee.


  • Ticket Types set to Show are visible in the Order Form.
  • Ticket Types set to Hide are not visible from the Home page order form. These ticket types are only visible from Tickets > Ticket Orders >+New Order for Admin entry.
Note: Setting the Visibility to Hide will override the Sales Start and End Date and or time.

Sales Start Date/Time

Date and time available for purchase.

Sales End Date/Time

The end of the sale date and time.

Discount Code (or Coupon Code)

Enter the code a purchaser enters for the discounted price. Maximum of 20 alpha or numeric characters. Click +Additional Discounts when multiple codes are needed. Leave it blank when no discounts are offered. To delete a discount code, delete and save the updated ticket.

Note: Once a discount code is entered on a ticket purchase it can't be edited or deleted from the ticket type.

Discount Price

Reduced price purchasers pay when the discount code is entered. Leave blank if no discount is applied.

Note: Once a ticket is purchased, the price, number of attendees, and entered discount codes can't be edited.

Note: Both purchaser and/or attendee questions can be created to gather additional information from guests.