Promote & Share Campaign

Get users excited and active on the campaign as early as possible. Promote far and wide to get users registered, engaged in the items, making donations, and more!

Tip: Start to promote the campaign 5-7 days prior to your fundraiser.

Prior to promoting

Review 10 Steps Checklist Prior to Sharing Campaign.

Note: Items can continue to be added items at any time. However, the majority of the items should be featured in order to generate interest.

Ways to share the campaign

Campaign website URL

Feature the Website URL on your organization’s website. This is one of the first places supporters visit when looking for information, so be sure to make the link easily accessible.

Use the Website URL found in the Dashboard > Site container. Visit Safely Sharing your Campaign Details to learn more.

Note: An external source can be used to create a QR code to share your event website and promote registration.  

However, if you have uploaded a guest list and/or copied an event to bring over users, we do NOT recommend using a QR code to promote to users already in your event.  This will prompt guests to have to login creating confusion and frustration. 

We recommend using one of our campaign links to provide direct access to these supporters and enhance their user experience. 

Email blast

Use the email template attached to notify supporters the campaign is live. Copy and paste the information provided in the templates below into an email, edit anything highlighted in red, and hit send!

Social media

Both admin and users have the option to promote the campaign or individual items via social media directly from the Home page or within the details of an item. Promote via Twitter, Facebook, email, and LinkedIn. 'Help us spread the word!' is static and cannot be modified.

When a user elects to share the campaign with others, GiveSmart generates a stock tweet/post/email specifying the Website URL. Sharers can edit the stock messages as they see fit, but should not alter the Website URL.

Facebook automatically sources the logo that has been provided on the site.

Text or email 

Send a text or email through a prior year's GiveSmart campaign.

Note: There is no way to restrict who has access to the campaign If you wish to limit whose able to browse, bid, buy, and donate, skip the promotion and share phase.

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