Ticket Purchase Notifications

Ticket purchasers, through an order form, automatically receive a text and an email notification upon payment. Admins, who enter a ticket order can choose to send text and email notifications as well. 

Tip: Notifications can only be sent to purchasers or attendees with valid email addresses or mobile numbers on their accounts. For example, if a purchaser or attendees enter an incorrect email or mobile number, they will not receive a notification.

Visit Manage User Details to update a user's phone number or email address,.

Ticket Purchaser

The purchaser receives a text and an email that includes a summary of their ticket order. 

Note: For ticket orders entered from Ticket > Ticket Order > +New Order, the default is for the purchaser to receive the email and text notification. However, an admin can deselect the option to send the email and text when entering the ticket order.

Purchaser Text

"Thank you for your [Ticket Name] purchase for [Name for Text Message] on [Start Date]. Click here for details [Link to the Home Page]."

Purchaser Email

The email sent to the ticket purchaser is from no-reply@givesmart.com.   The information in the email reflects detailed event information.


Assigned Tickets

Assigned attendees, with a valid email or mobile number, receive a message notifying them a ticket is assigned. 

Note: The attendee only receives these communications if a valid mobile number and e-mail address have been entered.

Assigned Ticket Text

"Great News! You have a ticket for [Name for Text Message]. Confirm here [Link to Accept Invitation]"

Assigned Ticket Email

The email sent to the assigned guest is from no-reply@givesmart.com. The information in the email reflects detailed event information.

Assigned_Guest_Email (1).pdf

Org and Campaign Admin

After a ticket is purchased from the Order Form, Org and Campaign Admins, with a valid email address attached to their user account, receives an email that contains a detailed summary of this purchase.

Note: Email is only sent for Order Form purchases. If an admin purchases a ticket for a user from Tickets > Ticket Orders > New Order, an email is not sent. The system was designed to function in this matter since the admin is already aware that a ticket has been purchased as they are manually processing the order.

Visit Add Admins and Admin Email Notification Settings to manage admins and notifications.