Upload Items Spreadsheet

Bulk upload items on to your campaign using GiveSmart's item type specific templates.

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Access Templates

  1. From the Items Container within the Dashboard, click the More button ("···").
  2. Select Manage Items.
  3. Click the More button.
  4. Select Import Items from the dropdown.

Choose a Template

  • Silent, Live, Donate, and Instant Buy Items require separate templates.
  • Click the template to download.

Tip:  Create Raffle and Vote items from +New Item.

Complete Template 

  1. Fill in the required fields. 
  2. Optional fields are specified in the description.
  3. Formatting in the Description Field does not import.
  4. Templates are formatted for specific item types. Changing or adding formatting results n errors during the upload.
  5. Character counters are available in the far-right columns to ensure content is within the character limits specified per field prior to uploading.
  6. Complete the template.
  7. Save as a Windows Comma Separated file (CSV).

Upload Template

  • From the Items Container within the Dashboard, click the More button ("···").
  • Select Manage Items.
  • Click the More button.
  • Select Import Items. 
  • Under step 3, select choose File.
  • Locate the CSV file.
  • Click Begin Import.
  • A progress bar appears during the upload progress.
  • If there are any issues with the upload, a pop up will appear with the errors and allow edits.
  • All items will appear once complete.

NOTE: Items containing a restricted word will not be uploaded to the site.  See Security Reminders for more information on restricted words.