2023 Q1 & Q2

Interoperability Improvements

These improvements are applicable for customers who own 2 or more GiveSmart modules.  To see improvements for GiveSmart Fundraise & Donor CRM, click here

Restrict Non-SSO Admin from Creating a New Event

  • Org admins without SSO access (non-global admin) are restricted from creating new events in a multi-platform Org Hub.

Global Admin Contact Info Editing

  • We now support a global admin (Single Sign-on) editing their Mobile Number or address on their GiveSmart Events admin account. Password and Email are the 2 fields that still remain blocked from edits.

Restrict Global Admin Removal

  • Restricts Org Hub admin from revoking Org access to a fellow admin who have been elevated to a Single Sign-On (Global Admin) path.

All new features and improvements listed below apply to all GiveSmart customers. 

New Feature


Personal Link Landing Page

  • Users who receive a one-time personal link via email or text land on a NEW personal landing page before sending them to the site.

Recurring Donation Confirmation

  • Donors opting to make a recurring gift are required to confirm they agree to the organization charging their card monthly and understand they must contact the organization directly to cancel or adjust future transactions.  Complies with the latest Mastercard mandates.

Classic Check-in & Checkout Sunset

  • Removes the links to Classic check-in and checkout from the platform.

Item Description Accessibility

  • The item information on the item description page is now more accessible for screen readers.

Reset Username & Password

Bug Fix

Apply Pay & Google Pay

  • Fixed an issue where Google Pay and Apple Pay did not support payments over $1,000 due to the comma

Swipe Modal

  • Fixed an issue where Add card on file swipe modal shows default status as 'Connected' even when it isn't.

Merging Ticketed & Non-Ticketed Guests

  • Fixed the issue that caused the guest's tickets to become unlinked from the surviving user account when 2 accounts are merged and then not seen as a ticketed guest or within the seating management tool.

Seating Management Enabled

  • Fixes the issue that caused seating management to not automatically be enabled on new events sites when created.

Item Sheet Preview

  • Fixes an issue where when Previewing the Item Sheets it would only show the first 20 sheets.

Autocomplete Fields

  • Fixes an issue that could block donors from easily registering because autocomplete was not enabled on their own profile page.

Purchase Tickets from Checkin

  • Fixed an issue where Admin couldn't check-in or purchase tickets for a guest from check-in with custom fields.

Homepage Recurring Donation

  • Fixed an issue where donors can't make a recurring donation through the homepage ticket order form when the homepage is reordered.